Springtown ISD is growing faster than anticipated as more students move into the District.  All campuses, except for the high school, are nearing 100% capacity.  Currently, the District has 454 more students enrolled than it did this time last year.  

The Board of Trustees called a $41M bond election for November 2, 2021 to accommodate for growth and to relieve overcrowding.

The proposed bond is the result of the Board of Trustees, District leadership, and community members working together to enhance academic programs and resolve campus capacity issues due to enrollment growth.  The District is constantly monitoring the growth in student enrollment as outlined in the updated demographic report including number of residential developments that are in the planning, platting, and construction process.

After the failed May 2021 bond, the board and staff continued to monitor space, capacity, student enrollment and solutions. This led the district to purchasing two portables to be used as classrooms and to calling the November bond election.